Export and Import of Agricultural Products


Background- Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee in the world. Coffee was first brought to the country during the 19th century. During this time, coffee was reserved for royalty and elite members of society. Making a delicate cup of coffee became an art form and pastime. Eventually coffee became a staple in every household and way of life. LT coffee combines years of experience with quality to ensure that every cup is a perfect balance of art and tradition.

Being one of the leading countries in producing coffee we hope to provide everyone with a taste of our history. The goal is to bring to you a product that is pure and original, while maintaining an emphasis on quality and taste. We are pleased to introduce to you the product that defines our mission.

Premier Louis

These rare beans were originally brought from Mocha, Yemen during the 19th century.

Lada Coffee

The highland area of Vietnam is known as the “Heaven of Arabica Coffee”, which is the highest quality in the world. The terrain is situated 1400m to 1650m above sea level in an area known as Bazan “basaltic land”. This environment has essential nutrients combined with ideal weather conditions and constant mist supplying the perfect amount of moisture. These elements combined create the highest quality Arabica bean.

With the goal of bringing the best quality coffee to our customers, LT coffee is pleased to introduce LADA coffee. LADA is a product that has been born with all the essences of nature from the Central Highlands of Vietnam. Each Arabica bean is carefully selected to ensure that only the ripest fruits are used during the production process and our responsible growers have years of experience from cultivation to roasting. No addictives or flavoring is substituted, only 100% pure coffee beans are chosen. Our coffee has an intense aroma and elegant flavor, which gives every customer a wonderful memory.


Vietnam is proud to produce the highest quality Robusta coffee beans in the world. Our coffee is planted and grown in the highlands of Vietnam situated above 1000m above sea level averaging rainfall over 1000mm per year.

Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality product for every customer. Lot coffee uses 100% pure Robusta beans and is grown organically with no pesticides or addictives. We only choose the ripest beans and this gives our coffee the signature aroma and taste that ultimately becomes LOT coffee. This brings to you a cup of coffee with a dark complex bitter flavor that leaves a lasting memory.